Staff Show 2016: Travis Ferguson

In this series, Education Specialist for Public Programs Emily Bray highlights participants in the 2016 James McLaughlin Memorial Staff Show, on view through September 19, 2016.

Travis Ferguson, "We were suppose to meet..."

Travis Ferguson, “We were suppose to meet…”


Travis Ferguson

Travis Ferguson, Photo: Rhiannon Newman

Travis Ferguson, Photo: Rhiannon Newman

Tell us about your work.

I like to experiment with material and media, ideas and experiences. But most of all making art, learning and having fun is what I do.

What do you do at The Phillips Collection? Are there any unique/interesting parts about your job that most people might not know about?

I am a Museum Assistant and ambassador for the museum. The most interesting aspect of working at the Phillips is interacting with museum visitors; everybody brings their life experiences to museum. Listening to and seeing the reactions of people to the artwork is always fun.

Who are your favorite artists in the collection?

That’s like asking to compare “good” and “bad” art. To me there is no such thing. Art is subjective; sure, technically an artist can master a subject, but to me each piece of art uniquely invokes an emotional response. All of the art at the Phillips are my favorites!

What is your favorite gallery or space within The Phillips Collection?

The Music Room.

What would you like people to know about your artwork on view in the 2016 Staff Show (or your work in general)?

I’m just happy to share my passion for art with others. If you want to know more about me or my art, buy me a drink and we’ll contemplate the intricacies of life together.


The 2016 James McLaughlin Memorial Staff Show is on view August 14 through September 19, 2016.

Timo Andres and Philip Glass

Composer and pianist Timo Andres performed Etude No. 16 by Philip Glass at a Sunday Concerts performance in January. See this post for a video of Mr. Andres playing the Impromptus of Franz Schubert, which he paired with new Etudes by Glass in the same performance.

(b)logs for the Fire: Part 1

Part of what makes The Phillips Collection unique is that the art on the walls is always rotating. But it is also important to note that some of the residents of the collection do have permanent homes. So permanent, in fact, that they were built right into the walls. Many visitors are perhaps familiar with the ornate and beautiful detailing of the Music Room fire place, but sprinkled throughout the gallery are several others—each with their own unique details, styles, and character. Here a just a few examples of what can emerge if you look closer.

baby detail

This little guy is a permanent resident of the West Parlor. What have those little baby eyes seen through the years?

fleur de lis detail

The repeating fleur de lis-style pattern on these bricks lies underneath a glassy, cracked glaze. From certain angles, you can barely make out the design at all.

Swirl detail

Hidden swirls and circles everywhere! This fireplace has a decorative wrought-iron detail and a textured fireplace interior wall.

Check back tomorrow for more fireplace details.

Emily Hurwitz, Marketing and Communications Intern