Let There Be Light: Installing Bernardi Roig’s Herr Mauroner

After suspending one sculpture in the alleyway between the original Phillips house and the Goh Annex last week, installation of Bernardi Roig‘s works continued with Herr Mauroner (2008), which peers down at passersby from a balcony overlooking 21st Street.

Install_balcony 1

A view of Bernardi Roig’s Herr Mauroner (2008) before the fluorescent lights, which will be placed over the figure’s right shoulder, are added. Polyester resin, marble dust and fluorescent lights. Figure life size. Photo courtesy The Phillips Collection

Install_balcony 2

Artist Bernardi Roig and Phillips Preparator Bill Koberg adjust the fluorescent lights (and accompanying wires) during the installtion of Herr Mauroner (2008). Photo courtesy The Phillips Collection

Install_balcony 3

View from behind the finished installation of Herr Mauroner (2008), a view not accessible to the public. Photo courtesy The Phillips Collection

Caption This Contest: Bernardi Roig’s Man of Light

Dan Datlow with sculpture_Alec MacKaye

Dan Datlow, Director of Facilities and Security, inspecting Bernardi Roig’s The man of the light, 2005. Polyester resin, marble dust and fluorescent lights. Figure life size. Collection of Mirella and Dani Levinas, Washington, DC

In preparation for Bernardi Roig‘s white plaster sculptures coming to the Phillips this October, Director of Facilities and Security Dan Datlow visited the work. Leave your captions for this photo in the comments or on social media with #RoigCaptions for a chance to win two member-for-a-day passes!

Associate Registrar for Exhibitions Trish Waters gets us started with her submission: “What did I tell you?  No shirt, no shoes—no service!”

**UPDATE: Congratulations to Facebook fan Maura, who wins this round with: “I didn’t know it was a Dan Flavin, I thought they were spare lights for the cafeteria.”

Entrapped in Mallorca

Bernardi Roig in cage

Intersections artist Bernardi Roig inside one of his works, White Cage, coming to the Phillips this fall. Photo: Vesela Sretenovic

In preparation for Intersections artist Bernardi Roig’s exhibition at the Phillips opening in October, Senior Curator for Modern and Contemporary Art Vesela Sretenovic is in Mallorca for a studio visit and an opening at Kewenig Gallery of the artist’s work. See images from a previous visit to Roig’s studio here.

Bernardi Roig with Blinky P

Roig with his work An illuminated head for Blinky P. (The Gun), 2010. Polyester resin, marble dust and fluorescent light. Figure life size. Courtesy Galerie Klüser, Munich. Photo: Vesela Sretenovic

Bernardi Roig opening_VS

Opening night of Bernardi Roig’s show at Kewenig Gallery. Photos: Vesela Sretenovic

Bernardi Roig at opening_VS

The artist in his exhibition space. Photo: Vesela Sretenovic

Installation view Bernardi Roig Mallorca_VS

Installation view of Roig’s exhibition at Kewenig Gallery in Mallorca. Photo: Vesela Sretenovic