Making a Mural, Starting with a Pool

Of his artistic process, mural artist James Bullough says, “Every wall is a slightly different process…I normally start with the dark areas and work toward the light areas and just kind of move like a printer from one section of the painting all the way down.” Read more about the mural, and parts one and two of a larger interview with Bullough.

Dupont in Detail: Before You Die . . .

On my bike ride home yesterday I was stopped in my tracks (or tires?) by a scene at the intersection of 14th and Q Streets. A group of people was standing around looking at this:

The "Before I Die" wall. Photo: Amanda Jiron-Murphy

The “Before I Die” wall. Photo: Amanda Jiron-Murphy

This was just what I needed after a somewhat crummy day: I laughed, I cried, I was grateful that a piece of public installation art made me think a little about what is really important in life. Here is a sampling of some of my favorite writings: Continue reading