Landscape Parallels: Gornik’s Lake Light and Irish Skies

April Gornik_Lake Light

April Gornik, Lake Light, 2008. Oil on linen, 72 1/4 x 108 1/4 x 1 5/8 in. Both Paul G. Allen Family Collection.

Phillips fan Candace Carota Pollack saw April Gornik’s Lake Light (2008), on view in Seeing Nature, in a photo the Phillips shared on Facebook and noticed a striking similarity to some pictures she took during a trip to Ireland. Candace’s photos are below; I can’t help but agree that the ominous clouds and blue-green color palette of Pollack’s photos are echoed in Gornik’s painting.

Amy Wike, Head of Marketing & Partnerships 

Candace Carota Pollack_panorama

Panorama of a stormy sky in Ireland. Photo: Candace Carota Pollack

Candace Carota Pollack_Ireland sky

“Then it got too close and we just got in the car in time to not get soaked,” says Candace of this photo.