Dupont in Detail: Jasper Johns is Everywhere

It turns out Jasper Johns’s obsession with taking a single object and looking at it from every angle and variation is contagious. Thanks to the imagery in Jasper Johns: Variations on a Theme, I’m noticing targets:

Images of things that look like targets

Seeing bulls-eyes in sewer lids, gates, bikes, and more.


Images of numbers found on houses and signs

Numbers on houses and street signs, especially when stenciled, remind me of Johns’s multiple 0–9 series.

and flags everywhere:

Images of things that look like flags

Is that a crosswalk, or a flag? Stairs, or stripes?

And these examples were collected in just half an hour of walking around the neighborhood with a camera. I have a feeling that I’ll be seeing echoes of the Jasper Johns exhibition long after it leaves the Phillips in September.

Amy Wike, Publicity and Marketing Coordinator

Ready, Aim . . .

We’ve been talking about Jasper Johns around here for a while working towards our summer show, Jasper Johns: Variations on a Theme. In Virginia over the weekend for the Richmond Street Art Festival, I saw this work by Washington D.C. artist Mark Jenkins, a surreal variation on the theme of targets that I don’t think Johns has tried.

Mark Jenkins human dartboard

Mark Jenkins human dartboard at the James River Power Plant Building, part of the Richmond Street Art Festival. Photo: Sarah Osborne Bender