A Phillips Woman on Women Artists: Liza Strelka

In honor of Women’s History Month and The National Museum of Women in the Arts #5WomenArtists challenge, we’re highlighting some of the spectacular women on our staff and the female artists who inspire them.

Liza Strelka, Manager of Exhibitions

Liza Strelka photo

Manager of Exhibitions Liza Strelka

Do you have a favorite woman artist from The Phillips Collection, or a favorite female artist whose work has been on display at the museum?
LS: I have to list two: Alma Thomas and Linn Meyers.

2010 Intersections installation, at the time being by Linn Meyers

Linn Meyers’s 2010 Intersections installation at the Phillips, “at the time being.” Photos: Sarah Osborne Bender

Who is your all-time favorite female artist? Do you remember the first time you saw her work? How does she inspire you?
LS: It’s impossible for me to name just one favorite, but I adore the wooden assemblage sculptures of Louise Nevelson. I was introduced to her work in college, and I’ve visited the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s sculpture by her countless times since. I could stare at her wood assemblages for hours. The interplay of darkness and light, movement and stillness, and chaos and order in her work speaks to her tremendous talent. Every time you look at a work by Nevelson, something new reveals itself to you.

Name five women artists: 
Francesca Woodman
Nancy Spero
Faith Ringgold
Ana Mendieta
Jennifer Bartlett

ArtGrams: Balancing Elements


Barbara Liotta’s Crenae, as photographed by Instagrammer @paulinaaalcocer

It’s the final week to see Intersections@5: Contemporary Art Projects at the Phillips. This month’s ArtGrams features some of our favorite creative visitor photos of one of the most popular works in the exhibition, Barbara Liotta’s Crenae.


Photo by Instagrammer @polozova_n


Via Instagrammer @gennainblue: “Great contemporary art saw many favorites and made me rethink my greens in my own paintings.”


Via Instagrammer @stbutts: “Sunday zen.”


Via Instagrammer @theclarelife: “Once or twice a week I drop everything to go to the woods or an art museum. A personal development day. It’s a time to wander the world without agenda and immerse my senses. I leave with fresh eyes and ears. How do you guys drop into yourselves in new ways?”


Via Instagrammer @admiring_art