Staff Show 2013: Duly Noted

Duly Noted Painters is a team of artists consisting of Matthew Malone and Kurtis Ceppetelli working in collaboration on individual pieces simultaneously. Ceppetelli was born in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. He studied painting and sculpture at NSCAD in Halifax Nova Scotia. Malone was born in Indiana, Pennsylvania.

Staff Show 2013: Natalie O’Dell

In this series, Young Artists Exhibitions Program Coordinator Emily Bray profiles participants in the 2013 James McLaughlin Memorial Staff Show.

Natalie O’Dell holds an MA in Art History from New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts and previously worked as a freelance research consultant for Hollis Taggart Galleries in New York. Born in Chicago, she applied herself to dance and the visual arts from an early age. While studying for her BA in Art History and Romance Languages at Washington & Lee University, she worked in art conservation, collection management, and exhibition coordination in the United States and abroad. Since moving to the Washington area, Natalie has enjoyed focusing her efforts on creative pursuits.