#NeoImpressed: Strike a Pose

If you’ve visited Neo-Impressionism and the Dream of Realities: Painting, Poetry, Music in the past few weeks, you’ve had a chance to create your own Neo-Impressionist self-portrait using our in-gallery app #NeoImpressed.  We’ve had nearly 3,000 submissions and have been “impressed” by the creativity and artistry of our amazing visitors. Here are some of our favorite posed photos so far! Check back regularly for more impressive submissions.

Strike a Pose 3Strike a Pose 2
Strike a PoseStrike a Pose 4

Margaret Collerd Sternbergh, Manager of Digital & In-Gallery Interpretation


Art and Wellness: Creative Aging Exhibition 2014

With our Art and Wellness: Creative Aging exhibition the Phillips celebrates our ongoing collaboration with Iona Senior Services. The program encourages older adults (many of whom suffer from chronic illness, including Alzheimer’s or related dementia), along with their families and caregivers, to make connections and access personal experiences and long-term memories through gallery conversations and hands-on art therapy. In October, the Phillips opened Art and Wellness featuring over 60 artworks created as a part of the program.

Our colleagues at Iona created this video to celebrate the opening reception for the exhibition, which brought over 150 participants to the museum, including many artists and their families. One visitor shared, “Everyone has a gift and a story to tell. What an inspiring exhibit with so much more to come.” A family member stated, “In a society that often sets seniors aside, you tell them they make a contribution to us all. Through art, seniors can be seen anew and valued.” An artist featured in the exhibition said, “It is always a thrill to visit the Phillips and to have my work on display is an inordinate pleasure!”

The Choreographer’s Process: Dance and the Dream of Realities, Part 3

In this series of guest posts, Jason Garcia Ignacio, one of CityDance’s 2014–2015 OnStage Ignite Artists, talks about artwork that inspired him for the Dance and the Dream of Realities performance at the Phillips on Nov. 20. Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here

signac_place des lice

Paul Signac, Place des Lices, Saint-Tropez, Opus 242, 1893. Oil on canvas, 25 3/4 x 32 1/4 in. Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh. Acquired through the generosity of the Sarah Mellon Scaife Family. Photograph © 2014 Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh

Paul Signac, Place des Lices, Saint-Tropez, Opus 242 (1893)
In a painting filled with trees, I am most drawn to the person sitting alone on a bench. I want to explore this person’s solitude. In today’s society, where time alone is a luxury, what drives a person to isolate himself?

Cross_The Swan

Henri-Edmond Cross, The Swan, 1893. Oil on canvas, 18 x 10 5/8 in. Private collection, France, Courtesy Galerie de la Présidence, Paris

Henri-Edmond Cross, The Swan (1893)
I can’t help but think how excited this little girl must be as she observes the swan. One of my favorite Filipino folk dances is called “Itik-Itik”—which translates to duck. Though the dance is inspired by the movement of the duck, its endearing quality is a perfect match for ‘The Swan’. I want the audience to feel as the little girl does as she encounters this beautiful creature—bemused and enchanted.

Jason Garcia Ignacio, one of CityDance’s 2014–2015 OnStage Ignite Artists