A Radiating World: Kurt Schwitters and El Lissitzky

Were it not for the German Dada artist Kurt Schwitters, Lissitzky may not have received the commissions for the two Kestner portfolios, currently on view, which I recently blogged about. Through an introduction from Schwitters, Lissitzky met the president of the Kestner Society during a visit to Hanover in 1922. After hosting Lissitzky’s first solo […]

Raise Yourself into Space

Some of you may remember the El Lissitzky exhibition we had at the Phillips in 2006-07, featuring two of the artist’s striking 1923 futurist print portfolios, Proun and Victory over the Sun. On that occasion, artist Hideyo Okamura presented the prints in a dynamic installation inspired by Lissitzky’s art and the three-dimensional abstract rooms he […]

Congenial Spirits: Chagall and Bonnard (Off the Walls)

As the galleries are closed to the public today, curator Elsa Smithgall took the opportunity to bring out the Phillips’s monumental The Terrace (1918) by Pierre Bonnard alongside other paintings by the artist in our permanent collection. Bonnard’s work is presented in conversation with this dreamy painting by Marc Chagall. You can visit them beginning […]