Installing Ancestor

Images of preparators moving the sculpture

Preparators move Seymour Lipton’s Ancestor to a cozy spot in front of the Phillips. Photos: Amy Wike

Yesterday, the weather cooperated and the sun peeked out as preparators spent the morning installing Seymour Lipton’s Ancestor (1958) in front of the original Phillips house.

Images of Phillips staff installing the sculpture

Preparators Bill Koberg and Alec MacKaye rotate the statue to test out a few angles, while Director Dorothy Kosinski provides input. Photos: Amy Wike

Images of the sculpture installed

Installed! Seymour Lipton, Ancestor, 1958. Nickel-silver on monel metal, 87 x 19 1/2 x 32 in. The Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C. Acquired 1964. Photos: Amy Wike

Dupont in Detail: Getting to Know Gandhi

The Embassy of India's Mahatma Gandhi Memorial beside Will Ryman's Roses: 58th Street. Photo: Amy Wike

The Mahatma Gandhi Memorial has always provided an interesting context for the Phillips’s sculptural installation space at the corner of 21st and Q Streets.  Though the memorial is a permanent installation, the Dupont community has made it a living piece, contributing neighborhood touches to the sculpture throughout the years. Gandhi has been warmed up, lovingly yarn bombed, adorned with flowers and jewelry, and host to a meditation “MedMob,” among other things.

A gift from the people of India and the Indian American community, the memorial was designed and begun by sculptor Guatam Pal (b. 1941) in October 1998 (completed 2000) in celebration of India’s 50th year of independence.

Amy Wike, Publicity and Marketing Coordinator

Putting the Petals in Place: Installing Will Ryman’s 58th Street

[vimeo w=601&h=338]

“The petals in the blossoms are fiberglass covering stainless steel. The way they’re made is that I molded the petals; I wanted it to have a handmade quality to it. So, we’re pounding steel to get these shapes.”
Will Ryman