Find Poetry When You Look For It

April is National Poetry Month! Last year, we explored connections between poetry and our permanent collection. This year, we’re asking you to pick up a pen and create your own found poem. Found poetry is the practice of taking words and phrases from a selected existing text and rearranging them into a poem. Using our […]

Celebrating National Poetry Month: Part IV

The great Spanish poet Rafael Alberti, revolutionary and contemporary of Federico García Lorca, was also a painter, and in 1945 wrote an entire book of poems dedicated to artists and to colors. As with most poets, Alberti’s work was a paean to all that imbued his surroundings, and it was art that surrounded him in […]

Celebrating National Poetry Month at The Phillips Collection: Part III

Last December, we had the honor of listening to one of America’s greatest living poets, Dana Gioia, weave his baritone voice and wonderful words here at the museum. His poem Places to Return from the collection of poems The Gods of Winter (1991) makes me think of many artists and paintings in The Phillips Collection. […]