The Results of our Experiment

The Experiment Station is 9 months old today! Thanks to all of our readers, commenters, and guest bloggers. Here are some of the experiments we’ve conducted:

winged cyanotypes • dancing david smith sculpturesworld’s largest etching • bob dylan and philip guston • petting zoos • connect painting and poetry • celebrate holi • wrestle with walid • witness a coronation • visit with royalty • world’s most beautiful firescreen • paint with eggs (and ink) • think pink! • museum memories and ferris bueller • discover footwear beneath a painting • delight over spilled milk • find ourselves in unlikely places • spoke rehab • wish many happy birthdays • look for shade • wish for snow • think a lot about food • expose a secret about kandinsky • painter patriotsblog after earthquake • find way to talk about clothes • do some readinglong for better umbrellas • survive typhoon • commemorate a special wedding anniversary • say goodbye to steve jobs • meet ralph flint • remember jim mclaughlin • host strangest visitor • talk more about bob dylan • say goodbye to rockne krebs • salute armistice artistsneighborhood immersioninspired love • dance our hearts out