Does this Painting Remind you of Home?

John Henry Twachtman, Summer, late 1890's. Oil on canvas; 30 x 53 in. The Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C.

The mild winter weather inspired me to discuss Twachtman’s painting Summer (late 1890s) on a recent tour. Participants from across the globe–Dominican Republic, Ireland, Poland, and the United States–all said Twachtman’s painting reminded them of home. Interestingly, the canvas does depict a home: the artist’s in Greenwich, Connecticut.

3 thoughts on “Does this Painting Remind you of Home?

  1. Yes, it definitely seems like both my childhood homeland of Middle Tennessee as well as the bucolic reaches of Virginia where I currently reside. An interesting observation!

    • Thanks Grace. I showed the post to my husband and he told me it reminded him of his parents house outside Paris and his grandmother’s house in the south of France. I guess there is something about this picture!

  2. it is quite right It could be in Normandy or in Brittany by imagining the sea behind the cliff .In France of course!
    Thank you for your blog, Always interesting

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