Found Poetry: Drawing on French Techniques

Frequent commenter Maureen Doalles sprung into action when our call for found poetry went out. She had a poem posted by the following day. Taking her words from this page on our museum’s website, Maureen produced this evocative verse:

Drawing on French Techniques

The impulse gave way
with the barest of means

during the late break
away, the marks a compelling glimpse

into the expressive potential
of intimate rhythms

realized in the fleeting freshness
of bold gestures and interior geometries.

~ Maureen E. Doallas

Read more about found poetry, and how to contribute your own, here.

4 thoughts on “Found Poetry: Drawing on French Techniques

  1. I enjoyed so much being able to contribute a “found poem”. I’ve written another that I want to feature on my blog in a week or so.

    I hope you’ll receive many more entries.

    • Hi Maureen-

      I share your hope that more people take on this challenge as you did. But having tried myself, I understand the hesitation to share the result! A couple of staff members have told me their poems are in the works.


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