Herb Vogel, 1922-2012

Similar to Duncan and Marjorie Phillips, contemporary collectors Herb and Dorothy Vogel collected artwork that many people weren’t ready for. They made their choices with a unique and discriminating eye and truly followed their own sense of value. Often they knew the artists they collected- Robert Mangold, Richard Tuttle, Pat Steir, to name a few. Herb and Dorothy visited studios, critiqued work, and clearly loved being a part of the art world from the studio to the gallery openings. Like the Phillips’s, they lived with their collection, although, unlike the Phillips’s, the quarters were very close. The result, in both cases, was a deep understanding and support of artists of their time, and a rich and distinctive collection, ultimately to be shared with the public. Herb Vogel died yesterday in New York. If you haven’t watched the documentary, Herb & Dorothy, it’s a must see.

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  1. I wonder if there is any other couple like them today. What an inspiration! I love that they collected art because of how it made them feel.

    The documentary, which I’ve seen, is wonderful.

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