Style Profile: Sully Engelhart

Style Profile: Sully Engelhart

Photos: Ben Droz


The September Phillips After 5 involved a color block contest which featured outfits that were influenced by Ellsworth Kelly paintings. Sully Engelhart was our top choice because of her splashy sweater. She visited the museum from Miami and I had the chance to interview about her outfit.

Josh Navarro: How would you describe your style?

Sully Engelhart: My daily basis style is always something very, very, comfortable. I bought the sweater I’m using in the picture at Target! I love the high-low style!

JN: What are your favorite shops in Miami?

SE: I love J.Crew, BCBG, Zara and for a high-end investment, The Webster Miami.

JN: Please describe your outfit in this photo.

SE: In this photo I’m wearing a Lacoste polo, the sweater is from Target (believe it or not), my pants are Calvin Klein, and my purse and shoes are from Prada.

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  1. Nice piece, Josh. Every time I pass a women’s dress shop I’m often impressed by the designs and think those would be good paintings. I learned what others may have already known: many of the designers are art-college graduates.

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