Community in Focus (Week 3)

The Phillips Collection invites everyone to participate in Community in Focus, a community project to capture a unique photographic snapshot of an unprecedented year. We asked you to show us your inimitable spirit, suffering, joy, and resilience, and here are some images that captures those human emotions that connect us all. Stay tuned for more photos and submit your own!

Sarah McIntosh, October 24: Did you know kangaroos love to have their hands held while fed? Bottle feeding kangaroos at a socially distant session of kangaroo yoga.

Julia Keane, March 27: Early into the pandemic, I found myself laying on the floor a lot. Seeing the world upside down with more blood rushing to my head made me feel present, a feeling I craved when spiraling into overwhelming anxiety. This photograph represents me allowing myself to be fully vulnerable in 2020.

Christine Sloan Stoddard, September 21: This is my friend Brian Parker, an actor and producer I met at the Broadway Comedy Club when we performed together in 2019. The photo is from a series of portraits I took of him right before he moved from Brooklyn back to his native North Carolina. We talked about 2020, Black fatherhood, racial relations in America, his time in New York City, and more.

Mark Lindamood, September 24: For two days in September, the flag-draped casket of Ruth Bader Ginsburg rested on a bier at the Supreme Court to allow mourners to pass by and pay their last respects. They came by the thousands. This multiple exposure photograph captures the movement of America’s somber procession of grief.

Susan Silva, October 22: Distance learning has been an adjustment. My son has grown to enjoy the company of our cat at his learning table and the cat, Molly, enjoys supervising his classes. This photograph captures perfectly the morning mood in our house as school gets rolling online.

Donna Merz, September 6: This photo was taken at the Florida Avenue Grill, through the takeout window. The normal Sunday morning beauty of the counter, filled with customers, is a casualty of Covid. I loved how this cook looked in his environment. I took him a print of this image a few weeks later.

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