Meet Our Spring Interns: Carmilla, Ericka, Samantha

As our spring interns wrap up their time at the Phillips, they share what they hoped to achieve during their internships and what they have been working on over the past few months.

Carmilla Romayn Lemons, University of the District of Columbia

“I’m Carmilla Romayn Lemons, a native Washingtonian and a junior at The University of The District of Columbia pursuing my bachelor’s in political science. I received my associates degree in May 2019. I look forward to gaining the knowledge of the official standards, procedures, and policies of the Phillips while developing a true understanding of the museum’s culture and mission. I enjoy learning through research (formally and informally), the arts, diverse cultural experiences, travel, and creating music. I have two beautiful daughters and I cherish family time with activities. My experience as a DEAI Intern at The Phillips was trulydynamic and inspirational. The projects I had the opportunity to dive into included charting DC Census data, a timeline of DC history, and a DC segregation timeline in which I thoroughly enjoyed the research and creation processes. I also had the opportunity to participate and take meeting notes at some of the Institutional History meetings and helped the Digital Librarian with minor tasks. I appreciated the professional development trainings, meeting the staff, and the experience overall.”

Ericka Parham, Towson University

“My name is Ericka Parham, and I am a senior at Towson University where I study art history: research track. I am a DMV native that took advantage of museum-going before covid. Now, I have found new hobbies like audible books and trying new online recipes. Through this internship with the Public Programs department, I am looking forward to learning the step-by-step process of creating a workshop/event at The Phillips Collection. As the Public Programs Intern, I’ve been working on a proposal for a family workshop during the summer. Through the research of family workshops, I have found a need for programs dedicated to single parents. I hope to foster a relationship with the local community who fit in this demographic and give them their own experience with art at The Phillips Collection.”

Samantha Sanders, Vanderbilt University

“My name is Samantha Sanders. I am originally from Muncie, IN. Previously, I worked as a chemical engineer. I am currently attending Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management to earn my MBA with a concentration in Human & Organizational Performance. I have always loved going to museums. I am really looking forward to learning more about the inner workings of The Phillips Collection, how you engage your volunteers, and how you all use data during this internship. I am enjoying my time learning more about the inner workings of The Phillips Collection, how the museum engages its volunteers, and how the museum uses data. I have two main responsibilities: The first is that I assist in managing the volunteer program and maintaining contact with them through monthly meetings and newsletters. The second is that I analyze the visitor experience survey results to help the staff understand what we are doing well and where to direct our efforts to improve the visitor experience.”

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