Building an Online Print Workshop

Recent exhibition Jasper Johns: Variations on a Theme focused on Johns’s creative impulses and collaborations with several distinguished print shops. To produce events and content for the exhibition, Phillips staff also engaged in rich, inter-departmental collaborations. Assistant Curator Renée Maurer and Digital Media Manager Michelle Herman teamed up to create the museum’s first ever in-house microsite Jasper Johns: […]

Printing the (Phillips) Diamond Jubilee

Long before he led Thursday’s Jasper Johns-inspired printmaking demonstration, Scip Barnhart brought his master printer credentials to the Phillips. In 1981, Scip presented Marjorie Phillips with this proposal for a 60th anniversary commemorative print–an image of Duncan Phillips posed with furrowed brow before the museum’s original entrance, as if seen through a fishbowl or convex […]

Inside the Printmaker’s Studio

This evening, a sold-out audience will look on as master printer Scip Barnhart demonstrates basic printmaking techniques on view in the exhibition Jasper Johns: Variations on a Theme. Barnhart, who teaches printmaking, art of the book, and drawing at Georgetown University and is director of Union Printmakers Atelier, created a limited edition print for the […]