An Illustrated Self-Guide to the Phillips

For this Thursday’s Phillips after 5 and Saturday’s 90th Anniversary Birthday Bash, I created an illustrated guide to the museum. Visitors will be given a booklet and pencil to sketch what they see as they experience the museum in a new way. Here are a few pictures of my work space, drawing tools, and images that will be in the booklet:

Work space. Photo: Elizabeth Graeber

Supplies. Photo: Elizabeth Graeber

A page from Elizabeth Graeber's Illustrated Guide to The Phillips Collection. Courtesy of the artist

A Jacob Lawrence-inspired page in Elizabeth Graber's self-guide to the Phillips. Courtesy of the artist

The idea and inspiration for this booklet came from the illustrations I created for this blog as well as a book I recently self-published–An Illustrated Guide to Cocktails–which I”ll be selling in the Museum Shop as part of Thursday evening’s program!

-Elizabeth Graeber, Admissions and Museum Shop Associate/Independent Illustrator