Blossoming Young Artists

Cherry Blossom Festival

Student art displayed in a conference room for judging. Photo: Natalie Mann

Recently, I was honored to represent the Phillips as a judge of the National Cherry Blossom Festival Youth Art Contest. This year, according to the contest guidelines,  students were asked to address the theme of “treating the blossoms with care and an appreciation of nature.” As one of three judges, I had the pleasure of looking over hundreds of projects created by students from all over D.C., but was also charged with the difficult task of selecting just three finalists from each of four age groups. Now you can cast your vote to help select the overall contest winner on the National Cherry Blossom Festival website or at Union Station. And I strongly encourage you to support these blossoming young artists by checking out the work on display in the Community Art Show at Union Station from April 1–14!

Natalie Mann, School, Outreach, and Family Programs Coordinator

Phillips after 5: Journey to Japan

Collage of photos from April 5 Phillips after 5

Photos: Sue Ahn

Phillips after 5 on April 5 took museum visitors on a Journey to Japan in celebration of Snapshot and the National Cherry Blossom Festival‘s 100th anniversary. Former Cherry Blossom Queens and Princesses donned traditional Japanese kimonos on loan from Arise Gallery, guests participated in Japanese language lessons with a teacher from the Japan-America Society, and Project Natale entertained with smooth jazz throughout the evening.