Tools of the Trade: Printer Edition

A photograph of tools in master printer Scip Barnhart's studio taken by Brooke Rosenblatt during a visit.

Just a snippet of the tools in Scip's studio. Photo: Brooke Rosenblatt

Master printer Scip Barnhart will give an interactive demonstration of basic printmaking methods in conjunction with the upcoming exhibition, Jasper Johns: Variations on a Theme. Recently, a group of educators and curators visited his studio at Georgetown University to get  a sense of the techniques and the magic of the printmaking process!

Photograph of master printer Scip Barnhart demonstrating the etching process taken by Brooke Rosenblatt.

Scip demonstrates the etching process. Photo Brooke Rosenblatt

Photograph of Phillips educators and curators working together to create a lithograph taken by Brooke Rosenblatt.

Educators and curators collaborate on a lithograph. Photo: Brooke Rosenblatt

Photo of master printer Scip Barnhart showing the final drypoint print produced by the team of Phillips educators and curators. Photo taken by Brooke Rosenblatt.

Scip reveals our collaborative drypoint. Photo: Brooke Rosenblatt