Take Your Child to Work Day at the Phillips

April 26 was Take Your Child to Work Day, so Lena my 10-year-old daughter came with me to the museum after school.  In honor of the Snapshot exhibition, I thought it might be fun to give her my camera and let her loose in the galleries and see what or who she found visually interesting. I did not limit her to responding just to the artwork–she could photograph anything she wanted or anyone (with their permission of course). In considering the artist’s process, here are some of the snapshots she took that day and descriptions of what she found interesting about the photos.

Lena: I came to the museum with my dad for Take your Child to Work Day. We thought it would be fun to make a blog post about the interesting photos that I took. Here are my favorite five photos of the many I took that day, and why I like them.

This one is of Sue, I thought she was interesting because her bow is really big, and she made a funny face for the photo. Also, I think it looks cool that she is next to the painting called Woman Sweepingby Edouard Vuillard. Did you know Sue takes photos for the blog? Now she is on the blog.

Sue Ahn and Vuillard

Sue Ahn in front of Edouard Vuillard’s Woman Sweeping. Photos: Lena Ruther and Paul Ruther

This one is of the hygrothermograph. This is not a piece of art–it is a machine that measures the moisture in the air. I took this photo because it is very unusual looking and at first I didn’t know what it was. Also, I knew that it would look cool with the flash reflecting on the glass.



This is a painting called Girl with Mirrorby Walt Kuhn. I chose this because I thought it would be fun to see the difference between the girl in the painting and me. Here I am  posed like her.

Lena with Kuhn

Lena with Walt Kuhn’s Girl with Mirror

I like this one a lot, the second I saw it at the bottom of the staircase, I knew I had to pose with it. I like all the different shapes and patterns, and it reminds me of a very cluttered room like mine. My dad stood at the top of the staircase so he was looking down on me when he took the picture.

Lena with Gatch

Lena with Lee Gatch’s Night Fishing

I saved the best for last–this is my favorite picture: Leo Villareal’s Scramble. My dad told me that if you remove the cover of the box, underneath are a lot of lights. I thought that was cool. Also I liked how the light from this artwork reflected on the other paintings in that room. These walls are not actually this bright red, I just played with the picture on the computer to make it look more interesting.

Leo Villareal's Scramble, 2011.

Leo Villareal’s Scramble, 2011

I really had fun visiting the museum and doing lots of fun things. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed my day at the Phillips.

Lena Ruther, fourth grader at Rolling Terrace Elementary School
where her artwork can frequently be seen in student exhibitions