Creativity in Progress: What’s happening on the café walls?

Panorama of Tryst at the Phillips Cafe as the walls are being painted

The walls of Tryst at the Phillips café, in transition. Photo: Amy Wike

You didn’t think we would leave the walls of Tryst at the Phillips café bare, did you? It’s been just over a week since the Phillips bid adieu to Sandra Cinto’s installation, but we are working on a plan to brighten the place up again. Check back in September to see what we’ve cooked up; until then, pardon our dust!

Image of sign reading Creativity in Progress

Creativity in progress. The café upgrade will be completed soon. Photo: Sarah Osborne Bender


Photos: Josh Navarro

Photos: Josh Navarro

I chose to photograph Omar Masri, the friendly face of Tryst at the Phillips, because he gets to dress like himself at work. His casual style is always visible.

Josh Navarro: How would you describe your style?

Omar Masri: Omar’s style: European sensibility that’s progressed into a hipster aesthetic. I have over 20 pairs of shoes, from sneakers to oxfords and toms. I grew up in a family that is fashion forward and dresses up for every occasion, from going to the grocery store to cocktail parties or just lounging at the house. Everyone was always dressed up. I feel that way about my style with a relaxed flair; throwing on a pair of comfortable Asics Onitsuka Tigers or Adidas Sambas, Levi 511 jeans or shorts, and Penguin shirts.

JN: Any favorite shops in the city?

OM: You can never go wrong with Buffalo Exchange for last minute ideas before a party or dress it up at All Saints in Georgetown.

JN: What are you wearing in this shoot?

OM: Penguin shirt, 511 navy blue jeans, and black and white Adidas Sambas.