Treatment of a Braque Hidden Treasure: Part 2, Removing Adhesive

Read part one in this series here.

In order to remove the adhesive from the margins surrounding the printed image of The Studio Table (1923), conservation treatment was undertaken. First, the print was humidified and placed upon a wet blotter infused with pH adjusted water.  Blotter poultices were added on top of the adhesive around the margins. Once the adhesive had sufficiently softened, it was gently coaxed off using a dental tool and the signatures were revealed. The print was then left to dry between felts. Click on the thumbnails below to view the process. Read part three tomorrow…

Caroline Hoover, Conservation Assistant

2 thoughts on “Treatment of a Braque Hidden Treasure: Part 2, Removing Adhesive

  1. Please can you help, I have the same print and would like help to do this process, is there somewhere I can do go do this? I would need professional help can you recommend somewhere in London>?

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