Dispatches: Responding to Jacob Lawrence in Lahore

Read Rachel’s first post in her series about teaching art workshops in Pakistan here. You can follow her on Twitter  @EducatorRachel and also on Instagram.

Art students in Lahore respond to Jacob Lawrence's Migration Series.

Art students in Lahore respond to Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series. Photos: Rachel Goldberg

Yesterday I facilitated the first in a series of workshops I’ll be doing here in Lahore. I introduced a group of 50 art students from four local universities to Jacob Lawrence’s The Migration Series (1940-1941), and we discussed how art can be a vehicle for telling stories and creating social change. I challenged the artists to choose one of Lawrence’s panels (I brought life-sized color reproductions with me) and to create their own work in response to it. Students used very basic materials (tempera paint, pencils, and paper collage materials) to create some spectacular art!

Working with the U.S. Department of State, I’ll lead two-day intensive workshops in Lahore and Islamabad for 100 emerging artists from across Pakistan. I’ll also conduct workshops and discussions with curators, gallery owners, and arts educators to further build capacity for artistic endeavors in Pakistan.

Rachel Goldberg, Manager of School, Outreach, and Family Programs

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