Installing Acts of Silence

Of her installation at the Phillips, Acts of Silence, and how it speaks to the work by Morris Graves on view in the same galleries, Helen Frederick says: “Much of this came from traveling to California, where for the first time I saw the redwoods; and just the evolution of the plant life and the bird life, and those great massive trees and the shadows cast by the trees . . . the muffled sounds from the ocean . . . [these] allow me to understand why Morris Graves found this environment where he wanted to be for the last years of his life.”

Let There Be Light: Installing Bernardi Roig’s Herr Mauroner

After suspending one sculpture in the alleyway between the original Phillips house and the Goh Annex last week, installation of Bernardi Roig‘s works continued with Herr Mauroner (2008), which peers down at passersby from a balcony overlooking 21st Street.

Install_balcony 1

A view of Bernardi Roig’s Herr Mauroner (2008) before the fluorescent lights, which will be placed over the figure’s right shoulder, are added. Polyester resin, marble dust and fluorescent lights. Figure life size. Photo courtesy The Phillips Collection

Install_balcony 2

Artist Bernardi Roig and Phillips Preparator Bill Koberg adjust the fluorescent lights (and accompanying wires) during the installtion of Herr Mauroner (2008). Photo courtesy The Phillips Collection

Install_balcony 3

View from behind the finished installation of Herr Mauroner (2008), a view not accessible to the public. Photo courtesy The Phillips Collection