Nordic Wonderland Family Program

Photos: Andrea Kim Taylor and Brooke Rosenblatt

Photos: Andrea Kim Taylor and Brooke Rosenblatt

As a part of our Nordic Cultural Initiative, the Phillips recently hosted our first Nordic Wonderland family program in collaboration with the embassies of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Over 120 guests created art activities from Denmark and Norway, experienced storytelling from Iceland, viewed a Moomin cartoon from Finland, and watched a St. Lucia parade from Sweden.

During the program, we debuted our new Winter Warm Up “Art-Venture.” The digital scavenger hunt is a fun way to navigate the Phillips. You can play with your family, friends, or even by yourself! The Winter Warm Up “Art-Venture” is available to visitors all season long and can be accessed using your mobile device, or you can access it here:

One family described the “art-venture,” saying “The questions were good ones and a great way to learn about art and the museum.” Another said, “The event was wonderful… For the older kids, the scavenger hunt was really fun!”



Taking Home #Artlympics Gold


Winning instagram photos for the artlympics

(Left) The Phillips Collection’s #BestArtRemake submission (Right) @pipercolleen’s #BestArtTwin submission

The Phillips Collection made a splash at this year’s #Artlympics, taking home the gold in the #BestArtRemake category with a re-enactment of William Merritt Chase’s Hide and Seek. Former Museum Assistant and Marketing Intern Piper Grosswendt also staged an award-winning #BestArtTwin submission with the Phillips’s Woman in Profile by Chaim Soutine. As the Artlympics put it on Instagram, “she blue-steeled her way to gold with this photo.” Wondering why there’s a blue goblin-esque creature in the pictures? That’s Artie the Artlympian, official mascot of the Artlympics, presenting the winners with the gold. Congratulations to all participants and winners! We invite you to challenge our title in the 2014 Artlympics.